The Giotto Parallela and Parallela Super dough sheeters are designed to process dough for pizzas, breads, flatbreads,“focaccia” bread, cakes, samoosas, etc.

Manufactured entirely from stainless steel, with a detailed framework, these machines are equipped with foodstuff-grade resin rollers that comply with the most stringent workplace health and safety regulations.
Thanks to the suction-pad feet supplied as standard equipment, the dough sheeters can easily be repositioned on the worktop in a safe and stable manner.
The Giotto Parallela and Parallela Super dough sheeters enable the operator to work quickly and accurately, both when selecting the dough-thickness for processing purposes and when disassembling the rollers for cleaning purposes.
Neither of these dough sheeters requires any formal day-to-day maintenance whatsoever. These dual roller-pair sheeters enable the user to roll out circular dough bases up to 45cm in diameter, rectangular pan pizza bases up to 40 X 60 cm and giant pizzas with up to 2 Kg of dough.

PARALLELA SUPER  Optional foot control
Product Specifications


Standard Super
V 230/240V 230/240V
V OPT 115/120V 115/120V
Hz 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Kw 0,37 Kw 0,37 Kw
O/ 50 mm O/ 60 mm
0 ~ 5 mm 0 ~ 10 mm
70 cm 70 cm
56 cm 56 cm
29 cm 29 cm
37 kg 41 kg
41,8 kg 46,8 kg
64 x 51 x h 77 cm 64 x 51 x h 77 cm
Technical design