Tempering Machine IDEA

IDEA is a defroster and cooler that utilises “Bain Marie” technology and is not only ideal for the chocolate manufacturing sector but also for confectionery kitchens, ice-cream parlours, etc.IDEA has been patented due to:

  • the design of its tray, which is perfect for processing small to medium-size batches
  • its integrated temperature control system

IDEA offers targeted solutions that make it SIMPLE, EASY and CONVENIENT to use in any workshop, even for small batches or limited production runs.

Product Specifications
V 110 – 240 V
V opt 115 – 120 V
F 2
Hz 50 – 60 Hz
T Max 85° C
Kw 1,5 Kw
53 cm
52 cm
48 cm
29 kg
34 kg
Max 10 Lt
Technical design