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Designed specifically to simplify the task of coating products such as hazelnuts, almonds, pistachio nuts, pine nuts, coffee grains, etc.…
Twirlo is ideal for small to medium-scale operations. The unit is made entirely of AISI 304 steel and comes equipped with an effective and silent speed control.
Twirlo has been patented because of special features, which include:
• its compact size and
• its special sphere mounting system
Twirlo is suitable for a variety of different applications and the speed with which the sphere can be replaced makes product processing and cleaning tasks SIMPLE and EASY.
Twirlo offers a whole range of appropriately machined stainless steel and copper spheres of varying capacities.
Twirlo is equipped with an integrated high-performance fan and duct that feeds filtered air into the sphere when necessary.
The silicon cooling-air nozzle is movable and removable so as to facilitate the processing of the product in the tray.


Pastaline offers a range of products that are specifically designed and produced for the manufacture of dragées and TWIRLO sweets from a base of nuts or dried fruit, marzipan or coffee beans, etc.
These complementary products assist and facilitate the operator’s task throughout the entire production process, from initial enlarging through to final polishing so as to obtain top quality dragées with an excellent finish.
As well as the standard product range there are also pearl and metallic powders available to enable the production of sweets and dragées with particular flavours and colours.
In addition to offering a full explanation of the applications, Pastaline also offers clients the opportunity to arrange introductory and/or specific training courses on request regarding the use of TWIRLO with the complementary products.
Each product is produced and created in accordance with H.A.C.C.P regulations and is sold in individual and/or assorted packages.


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