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The Pastafresca which is entirely manufactured from Aisi 304 stainless steel, is the only dough roller with removable rollers. Made from a special acetyl resin that is certified as foodstuff grade (FDA) and thanks to their patented rifling, the rollers give the pasta the same porosity and roughness as hand-rolled pasta.
With just a few simple moves the rollers can be dismantled and reassembled for easy and thorough clearing in accordance with HACCP regulations.
The Pastafresca dough roller is equipped with a foodstuff grade Teflon-coated slide (FEP NO STICK) and a small freewheeling roller to facilitate reinsertion of the pasta. The thickness adjustment lever is easy to position at the various settings, leaving the operator free to manoeuvre the dough.
The Pastafresca is used to easily roll out egg-based pasta and cake doughs very thinly so as to produce lasagne, tagliatelle and pasta sheets for tortelli and ravioli. It is also used to quickly amalgamate coloured ingredients into the dough (tomato, turnip, spinach, squid ink, chocolate, etc.).


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