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Are you a pizza chef who needs to divide your dough into portions or roll out different sized pizza bases in double-quick time? Or perhaps you are a cake designer and you need to roll out perfect sheets of icing for your cakes? Is chocolate your absolute passion? Well, you will undoubtedly find the machine that best meets your needs right here in the Pastaline range.


Our electric oven, which features a traditional dome-shaped inner roof and a rotating slab made of refractory material, allows you to bake up to 100 pizzas per hour, even in smaller premises.


All of the dough rollers in the Giotto range enable the user to roll out various types of dough, from pizza dough through to bread dough and “focaccia” dough (Italian flat bread) without changing the dough’s organoleptic properties. What differentiates each of the dough rollers from the others is the desired size of the batch of dough.


Our dough sheeters are ideal for thinning out various different types of sugar based or non-sugar based doughs, modelling chocolate, marzipan and other products into thin, uniform sheets. The machine’s processing speed prevents the product from softening, even under extreme conditions.


Thanks to the range of different worm gears supplied as standard equipment, our dough rounder enables the user to process various batch sizes of dough without having to adjust or replace any components. The machine’s specific internal configuration ensures that the dough temperature does not change.


The dough divider will help you obtain different sized dough portions on a continuous basis by merely changing the extrusion cone and probe. Teflon-coated parts are also available for use with soft or sticky doughs.


Our tempering machine, which is based on “Bain-Marie” technology, melts and cools chocolate in a totally natural way. The simple intuitive display will help you to control the various tempering phases. Due to its limited size, the machine is also ideal for small workshops.


Our coating kettle is useful for coating various types of fruits, nuts, candied peel and aromatic seeds to produce bonbons or dragées. The rounded kettle, which is made of stainless steel and copper, is available in four different sizes and can easily be removed for replacement or cleaning purposes thanks to its special attachment.